Hong Kong immigration to Europe

Life in Europe is enjoyable, with short working hours and high income. It is also full of traces of nature in life. In spare time, there are many leisure activities in the suburbs。There are many different ways to migrate to Europe, and our consultant will give you expert analysis of the various ways to migrate to Europe. Here is information on multi-country migration to Europe:

European multi-country investment migration scheme

  • Bulgaria is a country in southeastern Europe with a temperate continent with hot summers, long winters and distinct seasons。 Bulgaria has a strong traditional culture, many months of the year also have a variety of celebrations。The relatively low cost of living in Bulgaria, about 47 percent lower than in the United States, makes it a good place to move and retire。

  • Cyprus is an island country in the Eastern Mediterranean with a subtropical climate and a mild and pleasant climate。 Cyprus is one of the eu countries with a low crime rate and is very safe。The comfortable environment and lifestyle have also made Cyprus one of the most livable cities in the world in the Global Lifestyle Report。

  • Greece is a very attractive European country with a Mediterranean climate and pleasant weather all year round。Greece is also a popular destination for immigrants because of its safety and relatively low cost of living。 The development of port shipping and international cruise ships in Greece has provided enterprises with a good business and investment environment, and the local economic environment has also improved。

  • Ireland is the third largest island in Europe, known as the "Silicon Valley of Europe", and many famous it companies have set up their European headquarters in Dublin。Ireland has become one of the fastest-growing economies in the European Union because of low corporate taxes, which attract large amounts of foreign investment and jobs。

  • Malta is a member of the European Union, Schengen, the Eurozone and the Commonwealth。Malta enjoys a mild year-round climate, with warm winters and hot summers。It is a country with a long history and beautiful scenery, known as the "back garden of Europe"。In addition, the Government is actively establishing Malta as an innovative financial technology country, providing a large number of employment opportunities。

  • Portugal is the favorite choice of many Hong Kong people. Portugal is a coastal country in southwest Europe with a Marine climate, hot summer and cold winter。 Portugal's natural environment, including the forests and mountains of the Iberian Peninsula, deep valleys in the north and the Tagus River in the south, attracts many tourists。Portugal is a perfect place for retirees to enjoy natural beauty, good food and a low cost of living。

  • Located on the Iberian Peninsula in southwest Europe, Spain is the fourth largest country in Europe。 Spain's economy continues to grow and is the fastest growing in the eurozone。 In addition to its rapid economic growth, Spain's health care system is considered one of the best in the world, providing free medical services to its citizens。

Updated on 21 Feb

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