Immigration methods for Hong Kong people to Canada

  • Investor visa

  • Entrepreneur migration

  • Canadian skilled Immigrant

  • Spousal family migration

Investor visa

Quebec Investor Visa (QIIP)

Quebec investment immigrant is an investment immigrant project without starting a business。

The advantage of project

  • Get permanent residency status in one step

  • No education, no language requirement, no age limit

  • No business

  • Enjoy Canadian resident benefits and free quality education for children

To apply for the qualification

  • The applicant, or with his/her spouse, has a net worth of at least $2 million (including bank deposits, real estate, stock bonds, corporate assets or other assets), excluding donations received during the 6 months prior to the application date。

  • Management experience in a legitimate agricultural, commercial or industrial business, or in a legitimate professional business employing at least 2 full-time positions excluding investors, or in an international organization or in various government departments;

  • 我們對管理經驗的定義為:在申請選擇證書前 5 年内至少 2 年,專責有關規劃、 管理和控制金融資源及人力或物質資源;管理經驗並不包括在學徒訓練、培訓或修讀文憑中獲得的專業化進修和經驗

  • Upon approval of the application, the applicant shall fulfill the following obligations:

1. To invest $1.2 million in the provincial government designated immigration fund, the government guarantees the option of continuing the investment after five years

2. Choose the form of the loan, i.e., a one-time payment of $350,000 Canadian dollars as 5-year interest on the loan of $1.2 million Canadian dollars。This payment is non-refundable。

Investment options

  • 投資加幣加幣120萬(約港幣740萬)於加拿大政府指定的移民基金,政府保證在投資期滿五年後歸還全部本金; 或者

  • In the form of loan, only a one-time payment of CAD $350,000 (about HK $2.15 million) is required as the interest of the loan of CAD $350,000 for 5 years, and this amount will not be refundable (the interest of the loan is subject to the bank's announcement).

To apply for time

  • About four to five years

To handle the process


Self-employed immigrants (athletes, musicians or entertainers)

If you are self-employed and work in one of the following occupations, you may be able to move to Canada and get a Maple Leaf card in one step!

  • Librarians, archivists, restorers and curators;

  • Major in writing, translation and related communication;

  • Creative and performing artists;

  • Technical occupations in libraries, public archives, museums and art galleries;

  • Cinematographers, graphic art technicians and professionals in film technology and co-ordination;

  • Broadcasting and performing arts;

  • Athletes, coaches, referees and related professions。

The advantage of project

  • Don't need to invest

  • Obtain Canadian citizenship in one step and live in any province

To apply for time

  • About 2 years

To handle the process


Express Entry for Skilled Canadian immigrants

Through a fast-track system, applicants who meet the immigration criteria are placed in the candidate pool。The Canadian federal government, Canadian provincial/territorial governments, and Canadian employers may select the best candidates from the talent pool。
Candidates with high scores in the talent pool will be issued with an Invitation to Apply (ITA).

The scoring factors for candidates mainly include

  • Employment contract or;

  • Nomination letter of province/territory or;

  • Skills and Experience (other factors contributing to success in Canada)。

Note: Quebec's provincial nominations will not be affected by fast track, and Quebec will choose its own skilled immigrants。

Advantages of the system

  • Prompt and effective immigration proceedings

  • Meet the requirements of the Canadian Labour market

Professional limit

  • Fast Track currently has no career limits or application caps for each class。

  • To legally enter the talent pool, fast-track candidates must have technical work experience。The position to be employed must be in the Canadian Occupational Classification NOC Class 0, CLASS A, class B occupation list。

  • The Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) or "employment offer letter" supported by provincial/territorial nominations provides sufficient points for candidates。

  • 候選人還必須滿足最低的語言要求(NOC 0類和A類職業:CLB7; 對于NOC B類職業:CLB5)。

Application process

  • Applicants are rated according to a Comprehensive Ranking System CRS based on their Profile and ranked in the talent pool。Applicants with high points in the talent pool will be issued an Invitation to Apply (ITA) for permanent resident migration.

  • 1.      Employment offer /LMIA;
    2.      Provincial/regional nomination letter;
    3.      High scores in CRS。

  • Note: Entry into the Fast-track talent Pool does not guarantee permanent residency with the ITA。Even with an ITA, applicants must meet the requirements of Canada's Immigration and Refugee Protection Act。

  • After receiving an ITA, you can submit your application for permanent residence online within 60 days only。The ITA will explain the application process in detail。Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) will process the application within six months。

Scoring criteria

  • According to the Immigration Department's Comprehensive Rapid Immigration Ranking System (CRS), the Canadian government will score applicants in the following four categories (A, B, C, D) :

A. Core/human capital factors: include age, education level, official language skills, and work experience in Canada,注意,Spouses and non-spouses in the same category receive different scores, For example, age,20-29歲,Have a spouse 100 points,110 points for no spouse。

B. Spouse or common-law partner factors: including education level, official language proficiency, and Work experience in Canada (40 points for CATEGORY B, 500 points for Category A+B)。

C. Skill Transferability factors: This category takes into account language ability, education level, Canadian work experience, foreign work experience and skilled worker's professional certificate. (Category C is up to 100 points)。

D.額外加分(最多600分):獲得加拿大僱主的工作聘用書 (Arranged employment) 或 得到省移民計劃提名(PN nomination)。

A + B + C (Max 600 points) + D (Max 600 points) = total full score 1200 points。

Immigration Canada will select applicants on the basis of their scores, not the date of submission of the application. Obviously, a score of 600 for D alone means being employed by a Canadian employer or nominated by the province, which will play an important role in the new fast-track immigration policy。

  • Overseas Education Credential Assessment (ECA)

Applicants who wish to fast-track their application to the Canadian Federal Skilled Migration category must complete overseas certification。

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